Natural Currents: Tidal Turbines and Renewable Energy from the Ocean


Natural Currents is dedicated to developing innovative marine and tidal power generation technologies and strategies that address vexing energy and environmental problems that embrace our time and collective future.

Key challenges impacting coastal regions include the very real Climate Change specters of sea level rise, increase storm severity and ocean acidification.

Natural Currents vision, technology and experience provide practical, commercial scale, cost effective solutions to improve shoreline protection and provide safe marine energy generation for shoreline communities.

Integrating the construction of living reefs with tidal and renewable energy projects encourages marine biodiversity and clean energy generation while creating the jobs and economic stimulus for a truly sustainable future.

With 12 years experience in site evaluation, consulting and technology development both in the US and abroad, Natural Currents brings world-class experience to meet the challenges of commercial tidal energy site development and affordable shoreline protection strategies.

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